Personalized Legal Services, Competitively Priced

More and more often, individuals and businesses find themselves in a world in which the law impacts their lives and existence in unforeseen ways.  Even seemingly ordinary transactions and agreements may subject them to unanticipated liabilities and consequences.  As a result, they have an imperative need for affordable, personal, regular legal advice from a competent attorney.

In an effort to limit their legal costs, such clients often seek legal services from attorneys who offer advice and representation on an 'as needed' basis. However, such limited scope legal services rendered on a per request basis largely assume the fiction that the client knows and understands his or her own legal needs. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case. As a result, individuals and small businesses which use such services often discover later that their legal position has become worse than it was when they first sought legal services.

Don't make that mistake. Because every client is different, every client requires and deserves individualized care and advice in order to understand his or her legal needs. Call me to make an appointment for a free consultation. Together, we can explore your situation and come to an understanding of your legal needs, and then work out an affordable plan to address them.

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