California Timeshare Release

Many people experience frustration with being unable to rid themselves of their timeshare interests.  As timeshare interest owners grow older, they often find less satisfaction with their timeshare interest.  Often, health problems prevent the use of the timeshare.  At the same time, maintenance fees often increase without any benefits being added.  Thus, the timeshare interest owner pays an increasing amount of money for something that he or she can no longer use or no longer desires to use.

Additionally, timeshare interest owners sometimes experience difficulty using their timeshare in the week that they have been promised.

When timeshare interests are coupled with a property interest, the timeshare interest will become the property of the estate of the owner at death.  Thus, the burden of the interest will pass to the heirs of the decedent, who often have no use for or desire to use the timeshare interest.  Subsequently, the heirs are burdened with the interest.

These interests are often nearly unmarketable.  Often they are offered for sale for a nominal sum.

There are many strategies which can be effective in many cases to secure release from your timeshare interest and its accompanying contractual obligations.  However, every situation is different, and there is no guarantee that you will be released from your timeshare.  This being the case, I will take your case for no payment upfront.  If you are not released from your timeshare, you pay me nothing.  Please call me for a free consultation so that we can determine the best way forward for you.