Imagine for a moment that you are a medical doctor.  A new patient walks in the door and tells you that he has problems with his brain.  He says he doesn't need an exam because he read about his symptoms on the internet.  All he needs are some particular medications in a particular quantity.  Would you dispense the medication?

Of course not.  Instead, you would thoroughly examine the new patient in order to verify what his actual symptoms are, and then determine the medical significance of each.  Subsequently, you would treat the symptoms and the underlying problem if possible, to the best of your ability and using the best resources of modern medicine.

Some legal service organizations today treat their clients as if the client's legal knowledge is sufficient for the client to determine what its legal needs are.  This is in effect to assume that the client is as knowledgeable about the law as a licensed attorney.  In most cases, such an assumption is completely unwarranted.  Acting on this unwarranted assumption, these legal service organizations 'dispense' legal advice like a pharmacist that fills prescriptions written by a patient without first consulting a doctor.

Your legal needs are very much analogous to your health needs.  As in health, so in law, the adage is true that 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.'  Having a legal expert analyze your present situation before you have legal problems is preferable to waiting until legal problems occur.

Start-ups and small businesses face many regulatory challenges.  Making choices about copyright, trademark, business entity formation, contracts, employment law, bylaws, and stock holding, and then keeping in compliance with state and federal laws, can be overwhelming.  This situation and its costs sometimes tempt people to skip what they think is 'not important' at the moment.  However, the consequences of doing so down the road can be harmful to your business.  Call me for a free consultation so that we can discuss your legal challenges and how to meet them effectively and affordably.